Lose Fat / Gain Muscle / Optimise Your Health With Hench Herbivore Coaching
Meet Your Coach
I'm Paul Kerton, founder of the Hench Herbivore Youtube channel. I was once the biggest meat eater you’ve likely ever seen. 
Discovering that I could build muscle just as easily, and be lots healthier on a whole-foods, plant-based diet, I have become obsessed with spreading a message of compassion.

I spent several years as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and have helped countless people around the world achieve the body of their dreams and heal from diseases such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, arthritis, ulcerative colitis and depression.

My mission is to show the world that it is not only possible to reach our health and fitness goals with a plant-based diet but that this diet is in fact likely the optimal tool for doing so!

I've created this coaching programme because I love helping people transform their bodies. But what I've seen is that there are not enough coaches out there helping people to do this in a healthy, sustainable way. I want you to look your best but also to feel your best!

My partner Gemma spent many years of her life suffering from physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue, constipation, hypoglycemic episodes, restless leg syndrome, acne, bloating and brain fog and was eventually diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland.

She adopted a whole-foods, plant-based diet and things dramatically improved for her. Today she has an active lifestyle, has lost 35 lbs of body fat and experiences a level of happiness that she never thought possible. 

Through the creation of her catering business she learned exactly how to make healing whole plant foods taste delicious! She shares this knowledge so that others can heal as she has, while not feeling in any way deprived!

She creates customised, nutritional balanced, macronutrient balanced meal plans for my clients to ensure they reach their goals and feel satisfied while doing it!

    What do you get with this programme?
    •  Personalised workout plan (taking into account your abilities, equipment and time schedule)
    • ​ Expertly calculated caloric and micronutrient needs
    • ​ Customised meal plan specific to your needs, preferences and lifestyle
    • ​ 1:1 weekly coaching calls to teach, support and provide accountability 
    • ​ State of the art app to track workouts, including video tutorials of your plan
    • ​ A supportive community on the same, life changing mission
    Client testimonial:
    Former Norwich City Football Club Captain and Scotland International Russell Martin
    "I was given Paul's details by a friend when I first went vegan and was told he'd help me get on the right path to making sure I'm getting enough from my diet to continue performing at a high level. I didn't really know where to start as like most people, a meal wasn't a meal without a bit of meat or fish on my plate. Paul gave me lots of helpful tips and information, from recipes to research on why a vegan diet is better for our health. He devised an eating plan to ensure I was getting the right amount of protein, carbs and fats from my diet. He made it a much easier transition for me and I haven't looked back."
    Is this you?
    • ​You want to look in the mirror and feel proud of what you see?
    • ​You lack motivation when trying to go it alone?
    • ​You're sick of feeling deprived on portion-controlled diets?
    • ​You have a hard time building muscle or eating enough calories?
    • ​You want to create sustainable habits that will lead to long term results?
    • ​You wish someone would just tell you the exact formula for success?
    • You want to lose fat effortlessly, without feeling deprived, or build muscle without feeling bloated, sluggish and sick from massive volumes of food? 
    • ​And most importantly, you want to feel energised, happy and healthy while improving your body?
    Client testimonial:
    Steve Bartrum
    "I have been training with Paul for 11 months now and would like to say how much he has helped me. I’d had 2 Personal Trainers previous to Paul and they were both more interested in their own egos- barking orders at me and not training me in a way I enjoyed! I was just shy of 25 stone when I started training with Paul but with his patience and commitment to me I have lost over 6 stone. He has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and fitness and I believe that Paul has helped put years on my life. When I first started with him I was verging on having type 2 diabetes and I did have a serious liver disease both of which have been totally reversed through good nutritional and fitness advice! I have also become vegan through listening to Paul and his partner Gemma’s nutrition advice regarding animal products and I know I could never go back, I feel too amazing! To anyone thinking of using Paul as their PT I would totally recommend him, he is great at his job but more importantly he genuinely enjoys helping his clients get results. Cheers PK you have changed my life."
      My ideal client is
      •  Hungry to finally realise their own amazing body-shape and health transformation
      • ​ Willing to follow through and do what is required (no goofing off!!)
      • ​ Ready to invest in themselves at this time


      Q. What will make me succeed with this programme when others have failed me?

      A. I offer no cookie cutter plans. Those don’t take into account your personal needs. They also don’t cover all 3 important aspects for success: strategy, mindset and accountability. 

      I've personally helped hundreds of people transform their bodies, from top level athletes to people recovering from chronic disease and everyone in between. 

      Clearly one plan does not work for everyone and that's why time, care and attention is spent with each person to ensure success. I only work with a very small number of clients at once so that I have the time and commitment necessary. 

      Having a coach with decades more experience than you saves you tons of time and facing unnecessary obstacles. 

      Q. How much fat can I expect to lose/muscle to gain?

      A. I help you to set realistic goals, which is how you maintain results long term with no rebounds! I aim for 1% of total body weight loss per week maximum, making no two people the same. So for example, someone weighing 150 lbs, 1% would be 1.5 lbs. For someone weighing 250 lbs, 1% would be 2.5 lbs. So as you can see expectations should be very individual and will be discussed and regularly reviewed (results can differ in the initial couple of weeks). 

      By not losing weight too quickly we will ensure that the weight stays off long term and that you don’t negatively affect your metabolism, ending up “skinny-fat” with no place to go.

      In terms of muscle gain, people new to training can expect larger gains and those that have been training a while (a couple of years or more) can expect that gains will be relatively slower, which is why it is all the more important to optimse EVERY element of your programme to ensure that you get the best results possible.

      Q. How long would we work together?

      A. My preference is usually to enrol clients into my 90 day coaching programme. This affords us plenty of time to achieve EPIC results, build momentum and habits that will last. 

      Q. What is the cost?

      A. We have packages that range from £597 to £2247, depending on the level and duration of support that you are looking for. The only real way for us to know which package would be best for you is to get on a call and find out where you are currently and your goals.

      When it comes to investing in this programme, the thing to keep in mind is: 
      How easy would you find it to achieve your goals without the expertise, knowledge and accountability you get with a  coach, how many times have you tried before/how much more time do you want to waste trying things without being sure if it will guarantee results that last?

      Also, what is finally having a lean, strong, energized, healthy body worth to you?
      Many people are happy to spend thousands on a new car or holiday, or £1000 on a new iPhone but won’t invest in the most important thing that exists to them; their bodies! 

      Sometimes we think that we don’t have the time or money for something, when in truth we have simply not made it enough of a priority...